A Service of Worship for the Lord's Day     


August 12, 2018 

“For the bread of God is that which comes down from heaven and gives life to the world” John 6.33 

Prelude                                                                                                     Mrs. Lynn Patterson 

*Welcome and Greeting 

Leader: We gather today in the name of our risen Lord Jesus Christ. May His Peace be with you all. 

People: And also with you. 

(Please take a moment to greet one another as the people of God) 

Announcements and Opportunities for Service 

(Please sign the Friendship Register found in your pew) 

*Call to Worship (Adapted from Psalm 130) 

Leader: Out of the depths we cry to you, O Lord. Lord, hear our voices! Let your ears be attentive to the voice of our supplications! 

People: If you, O Lord, should mark iniquities, Lord, who could stand? 

Leader: But there is forgiveness with you, so that you may be revered. 

People: With the Lord there is steadfast love, and with him is great power to redeem. 

*Opening Prayer 

*Hymn 65 “Guide Me, O Thou Great Jehovah” 

(The ushers will collect prayer cards during the singing of this hymn.) 

*Call to Confession (Adapted from Hebrews 10.22) 

Let us draw near to God with sincerity of heart and full assurance of faith, our guilty hearts sprinkled clean, our bodies washed with pure water. Let us confess our sins before God and one another. 

*Silent Prayer

*Prayer of Confession 

Almighty God, Creator of heaven and earth, we humbly come before you this day confessing our sins. We are weak and sinful people who desperately seek your forgiveness and strength. Without you as our shepherd, we would be like lost sheep running from one place to another without satisfaction or peace. But through the gift of your Son Jesus Christ, we rejoice this day in your gifts of forgiveness for our sins, the assurance of eternal life, and your peace which passes all understanding. Empower us, O Lord, as your people to worship you in this hour and with our lives. Amen. 

*Assurance of Pardon 

*Gloria Patri (Hymn 58l) 

Special Music 

Children’s Sermon 

(We invite All God’s Children from birth through 2nd grade old to join us downstairs following the Children’s Sermon) 

Prayer for Illumination 


Old Testament lesson Exodus 16.1-5,31-36 OT 58-9 

Gospel lesson John 6.24-35 NT 102 

Leader: The Word of the Lord. 

People: Thanks be to God. 

Sermon “The Bread of Heaven”                                                           Rev. Don Scofield 

Joys and Concerns of the Church 

Prayers of the People 

Offering of Tithes and Gifts 


*Doxology (Hymn 606)

*Prayer of Thanksgiving 

“The Eucharist” 

*Hymn 498 “Loaves Were Broken, Word Were Spoken” 

*The Apostles’ Creed (page 35) 

Invitation to the Lord’s Table 


The Lord’s Prayer (page 35) 

Breaking of the Bread 

Communion of the People 



*Choral Benediction 

*Postlude                                                                                       Mrs. Lynn Patterson


USHERS: Brenda Winker, Janet Jolly 

               Diane Callahan, Paula McIntosh 

ALL GOD’S CHILDREN: Jacqueline Hamilton